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Practise is open for new patients.
We have good news!
We are happy to announce that dr. Guido van Welsenes will open a new practise. The team of dr. Teunissen and dr. Bicer will assist him in this process. Dr. Van Welsenes is now working as an acting physician and we know him as a friendly and skilled colleague.
His new practise will be open for new patients who doesn’t have a general practitioner in Deventer. For administrative reasons, you will be temporarily registered with one of the other doctors. As soon as the practice officially starts, you will be transferred to the practice of dr. van Welsenes.
For more information you can call our practise and the assistants will give you the right information., and make you registration complete.
NB: The practise of dr. Teunissen and dr. Bicer are closed for new patients.

Call 112 in case of a life-threatening emergency!
The emergency phone-line of the practice can be reached at 0570-500940 –, on weekdays from 8:00 till 17:00.
Injuries or medical emergencies can be dealt with in our practice on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.
Please call the practice in advance so the doctor and her team can prepare for your arrival.
You can press 1.

Our practice offers a broad spectrum of medical care as pointed out below, including regular consultation, eConsult, minor surgery, travel health advice and vaccinations.

Opening hours
The practice is daily open from 8.00 till 17.00. 
Evening consultation hours:
Dr Bicer: Tuesday 17.30 – 20.30
Dr Teunissen: Wednesday 17.30 – 20.30

Making an appointment
Consultation hours are on weekdays and by appointment only. This applies to consultation of the GP as well as consultation of the doctor’s assistant or nurse practitioner. You can make an appointment by telephone, at the counter in the practice or online (not bij e-mail). Making an appointment online is not meant for emergencies or travel health advice; for travel health advice please see below.
You can make an appointment online through this website: Making an appointment online
but also through the Dr. Dichtbij App on your smartphone or through MijnGezondheid.net. For MijnGezondheid.net you need DigiD-identification.

For proper planning please take into consideration the following rules:

  • When making an appointment, the doctor’s assistant will ask you some questions about your medical problem. This is done to determine the urgency and nature of your complaints in order to plan your consultation as efficient as possibe. The doctor’s assistant is medically trained to do so, and, like your GP, she is bound by professional standards of medical confidentiality.
  • A consultation lasts 15 minutes, during which one medical problem can be discussed. If you have more than one question, please inform the assistant so planning can be done accordingly.
  • To benefit from your consultation as well as possible, you can prepare by asking yourself these 7 questions:
    1. What is my medical problem?
    2. Since when do I suffer, have I ever had this before?
    3. What have I done so far to resolve my problem?
    4. What are the consequences of the problem for me, eg. in work or sports?
    5. What does the problem mean emotionally for me?
    6. Do I have specific concerns?
    7. Do I have a specific request?

If you are physically unable to visit our practice the doctor can also do a home-visit. This is in case you are too sick or disabled. Please call before 10.00. The doctor’s assistant decides, if necessary in consultation with the doctor, whether a home-visit is indicated or not. Please note that in our practice the possibilities for examination and treatment are better then at your home. Furthermore your medical file can be better looked into at our practice.
Home-visits are not intended for people who don’t have time or don’t  have transportation to come to our practice.

Telephone consultation
For simple medical questions you can call our doctor’s assistant for advice; if necessary, the doctor can call you back.

Through an eConsult you can consult doctor Bicer/Teunissen or one of her/his employees; an answer will be returned within the same day.
Your question will be dealt with in the same medical confidential manner as regular consultations. You can send us your eConsult through the Dr. Dichtbij App on your smartphone of through MijnGezondheid.net.

Please bring a fresh midstream urine before 10:00; you will receive same-day diagnosis.

Repeat prescriptions
By phone: For repeat-prescriptions, call the practice number 0570 – 500940 and press 2. You can record your message by mentioning your name, date of birth and the desired medication. Medication ordered before 10 am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will be ready at your pharmacy the next day;

Results of investigations
You can call every weekday.
If you have further questions, the doctor will call you back later.
You can retrieve results through an eConsult (see above); an answer wil be returned within 1 day.
If you have more detailed questions, please make an appointment for regular consultation of dr. Teunissen or dr. Bicer.

Travel health advice and vaccinations
You can contact us for your travel vaccinations.  Since Oktober 2011 we are affiliated with Reisprik.nl. Reisprik is an organization of general practices that specialize in travel vaccinations and advice.  You can make an appoitment on the website of Reisprik (www.reisprik.nl). When you fill the registraitionforn, our assistent will contact you to make an appoitment at our practice.

For more information and prices go to  www.reisprik.nl
Dr Erik Teunissen is registered by Landelijke Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering (LCR).

Minor surgery
Our practice has excellent facillities to perform minor surgery. This is planned only after regular consultation of dr. Teunissen or dr. Bicer, during which indication and procedure are discussed.

Evening-night-weekend service
During evening, night, weekend and public holidays, call, for urgent matters only, the Huisartsenpost Deventer,
tel. 0570 -501 777. Do not come straight away tot the Huisartsenpost, always make a phone-call first to make an appointment. When making an appointment make sure you have your insurance and medical information at hand.

The Huisartsenpost is located at the Deventer Hospital:
Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75 A
6416 SE Deventer

Here, follow the signs “Spoedpost”.

Evening-weekend Pharmacy Salland is also found at the Deventer Hospital, in the central hall.